2017 Raptor Build

Baja's legendary pine forest

FOX & Deaver

Yummy Top shelf goodies for a smooth ride

Factory Umbrella

It's all in the details

BFG & Method

BFG Mounted on Method race wheel ftw
Sweet and mellow with a plush ride in the dirt or grabbing groceries. The Raptor is one of the DA's favorites and they have owned 5 and have helped a lot of friends set up their trucks in DA style...capable but not overdone. 
If you want the big travel we can do that...or sell you a Trophy Truck! But for cruising with the kids and seeing the Best of Baja or your favorite off-road location we try and keep it simple. 
We love the performance of the 37 inch BFGoodrich KO2 mounted up on the Method. Bead locks are not needed but if you want them we will serve them up. 
FOX Shox recirculating bad boys with Deaver Springs for a little more than stock but retaining the ride momma loves. We used the RPG coil lift in the front and the performance and the ride remained great. 
Bullet Proof Diesel has the go to antenna mount we use and we mounted both 50 and 110 watt radios in different trucks in 2017. 
Baja Designs lights the way with a super sleek Raptor offering and we have a sweet and mellow bed rack we use for strapping down the goods. 
No matter where you cruise in the sun the Factory Umbrella is a must have option, Baja HQ offers them in a couple colors. 
Ask for the "DA cruiser" if you want this type of build, which happens to be PAB, Heidi and Kay's favorite.
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