Baja HQ is a full service aftermarket off-road shop that is committed to sharing “The Stoke”, products, and knowledge needed to adventure in Baja or any off-road location.  Experienced off-roaders personally sharing their experience and expertise to help guide you in building your dream off-road vehicle. 

Unmatched in the dirt credibility is what the Baja HQ crew brings to the table with 35 years of Baja racing experience.

 Commitment to Building your truck on time, and providing a fun atmosphere to share with our friends, partners and customers is what the Baja HQ calling card is. 

 Everyone that visits becomes part of the familia and we will proudly build your rig to your specs, wants and needs!

 Baja HQ is a one-stop experience for guidance, buying and building your truck. Of course we can just bench race and tell Baja stories with you but we’d prefer to build your rig to go experience Baja instead of you dreaming about Baja. 

We hope to build your rig and make some dust with you! 

Baja HQ

“Sharing the Stoke”