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Baja Designs LP9 Sport LED Auxiliary Light Pod


Regular price $663.95


The LP9 Sport is perfect for enthusiasts that want a full-size light with modern styling and advanced features. The Sport model includes all of the technology that makes the LP9 series so popular. From Direct Ducted Cooling – that keeps your light cool under stress – to Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT), which produces an incredible 200-degree spread of usable light. The LP9 Sport utilizes nine forward-projecting LEDS to produce 9,421 Lumens, and six LEDs for Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) which produce 2,302 lumens of peripheral lighting.

As with all of our LED offerings, this light features uService technology – allowing customers to change the lens pattern and color depending on driving conditions, or simply when they want to refresh the lens. Note: The LP9 Sport is simple on/off (no hi/lo) and does not include the amber backlit feature. These features are available on the LP9 Pro and Racer Editions.

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