SVC Offroad Baja Front Bumper - Gen 1 Ford Raptor

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  • CNC Radiused and Bent Main Tube 
  • CNC Notched Support Tubes For Perfect Fit
  • Supports 30" Light Bar
  • Satin Black Powder Coat Included
  • Unique Plate Design To Accommodate Larger Light Bar Mount
  • Grade 8 Hardware Included
  • Now With Optional Longer Skid Plate

When ordering below, you cannot add both a Light Bar Option and LED Round Option to your shopping cart. You have to choose one or the other, or none at all. If you are choosing Vision X light Cannons, then select NONE under the LIGHT BAR, BRAND and LENGTH drop down boxes.

A bumper is just a bumper, right? In some regards yes, it is. At SVC, we feel it needs to be a little more than just a light holder that adds a little flash to the front of the truck. In our view, a bumper should be clean. It should contour with the beautiful lines of the truck, and not be the focal point, but rather a perfectly placed accessory that fits with perfection. When we set out to build the 2010-14 Gen 1 Ford Raptor Baja front bumper, we had three main sets of criteria that needed to be accomplished 

  • The bumper had to hold a 30" light bar without sticking out beyond the front valance
  • The bumper had to follow the lines of the front valance
  • The bumper absolutely must provide the truck with a better approach angle

We feel we've nailed it on all three fronts.

A little out of the box thinking allows the SVC Baja front bumper to stand out from the rest. By bending our plate work outward, we are able to achieve the unique feat of keeping a 30" light bar within the plate work itself. This leads to a much cleaner look, keeps with a better approach angle philosophy and separates the SVC Baja front bumper from the rest of the pack.

If you've been looking for a clean, yet function bumper that keeps with the lines of the truck, look no further, the SVC Baja front bumper has arrived.

*No Lights or Tow Hooks Included*