Regular price $3,544.00
  • CNC Bent Plate
  • Precision Welded and Formed
  • Tight Contours 
  • 30" light Bar Compatible
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Frame Cut For Massive Approach Angle
  • Ken Block Tested and Approved

Note: Requires SVC Offroad Front Mount Intercooler. 

Note: If purchasing directly from website, make a note in check out box under instructions to let us know if you want the bumper with the 10" LED cut outs on the sides or without.

For years the Raptor bumper market has been swamped with over-designed, to complex-looking plated bumpers that took attention away from the truck, rather than seamlessly blend into the truck as if it was always intended to look that way.  Well, those days are over.  With the introduction of the SVC Offroad Mojave Front Bumper, the status quo has been changed.

The Mojave Front Bumper is the first plate bumper on the market to truly offer a tight, sleek and forward-thinking design to compliment the lines of the 2017+ Gen 2 Ford Raptor.  The approach angle in dramatically increased ensuring safe and bumper digging free nose landings.  The Mojave is crafted right here in the USA, welded and shaped with passion.

If you've been waiting for a plate bumper that doesn't look like an anchor hanging off the front of your Raptor, and are in need of a clean, sleek and stunning front bumper, then we truly believe the Mojave is the bumper for you.