Regular price $1,249.00
  • 7/8th FK Rod Ends 
  • 3/4" 12 Point 8740 Aircraft Grade Center Bolt
  • Grade 8 Chassis Side Hardware
  • 1.5" Uniball Cup
  • Race-Truck Style Box Construction
  • Multi-Plane Radius To Allow Proper Bearing Cup Alignment
  • Add a pair of shocks to your order for massive savings.

Note: Production Arms Come In Satin Black Powdercoat

We are all about variety at SVC.  This philosophy has led us to develop our new 1 piece 1.5" Upper Control Arm for the SVT Ford Raptor. Much like everything we do, these arms fit and finish are second to none and made from the same materials, and designed in the same fashion that you will find on $500,000 race-trucks.  We carried over much of the same hardware from our Raptor industry first Two Piece UCA and wrapped it into one clean and usable package.

When it comes to a UCA, the strength of components is the name of the game, and we are proud to say in over 5 years of hard off-road abuse, neither we or any one of our customers has seen one component failure or broken center pin.  Our arms have been at nearly every one of the Raptor held events, including Exo Offroad tortuous runs down in Baja Mexico.  Our One Piece UCA features a 3/4in 12-point 8740 aircraft grade bolt, a 7/8th FK rod-ends vs. the more commonly found 3/4in rod-ends in other similarly designed arms, plus we use only grade 8 chassis side hardware for added insurance. The spacer is CNC Machined for a precise fit which equates to a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing part 

During the construction phase, the arm is jig welded and keyed for better fitment.  The arm itself is on two different planes to ensure the bearing cup is at the proper angle and not rotated in the arm.  This allows for a better weld joint at the most critical part of the arm.  The arm is fully cambered caster adjustable which allows you to solid mount the problematic lower control arm pivots from shifting and constantly throwing your truck out of alignment. 

Bottom line, no other arm in this price range give you more for your money.
If you're ready to make the switch or upgrade your UCA for the first time, don't hesitate to call.  

Note: It's very important to retorque all bolts after each offroad session and the first 1,000 miles.

If you're serious about offroading, then look no further. We have you covered.

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